James Randolph

Woodinville City Council

Position 7

A more prosperous, inclusive, and forward-looking Woodinville

I’m James Randolph and I’m running for Woodinville City Council. I love living in Woodinville and believe it has something to offer everyone as a great place to live, work, and play. As a member of the council, I will bring new ideas to help our city thrive. As a person of color, I offer a voice and perspective that is currently missing from our council. As a parent of school-aged children, I bring a desire to improve our parks and recreation. As a citizen deeply invested in our city, I have been volunteering the past year on the King County Site Advisory Group, working to make sure we do not have a transfer station (aka dump) placed in Woodinville that would adversely affect the city’s neighborhoods and traffic. Most important issues require collaborative efforts between our people, businesses, surrounding cities, and neighboring counties to get to the best solutions. As part of the council, I will work to support the things that make Woodinville the place we love to call home, and I want to work with you to do the things that will make us more prosperous, inclusive, and forward-looking.

Why am I running?

As the child of a minister and a school teacher, I developed a civic mindset and sense of community early in life. During the summer of 2020 the threat of Covid, the death of George Floyd, and the protests that followed were encouragement that spurred me from a conscious observer to an agent of change.  There were many pronouncements of support from the likes Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, and even the Mayor of Woodinville at the time, Elaine Cook. I participated in a march to support Black Lives in Woodinville. There were not many people in the crowd that looked like me but I felt heard, supported, and had hope that things would be better for my children and future generations.

The truth is that our country has seen similar moments in history before and these moments are a starting point. If we are not careful this opportunity for change will recede without the changes prescribed by the moment. Issues of equality and justice are often hyper local and will take work and engagement at the local level. I want to be a voice in the room to promote positive change. I hope to normalize black people in positions of public authority and inspire the next person of color to serve. I believe Black lives matter. And want to reach a level that we do more than matter, but posses a level of equality that is promised by our country. I have come to realize that this will not happen without doing the work. I am committed to do that work. I look forward to serving with an open ear and engaging with the community to solve problems as a member of your city council.




I  have been endorsed by these groups and induviduals


King County Democrats





Sierra Club

Moms Demand Action



Bothell Woodinville City Councilmember, Paula Waters

Woodinville Public Spaces Commission, Paul Hagen

Bothell City Councilmember,  Mason Thompson